From Stalley to You

From Stalley to You

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Sunday night I attended the Stalley’s  From Me to You tour at the Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights Ohio and  despite a few bumps it was still a great  experience. As all hip hop began with the DJ, this show had a great DJ (DJNuERA) keeping the crowd entertained with professionally crafted blend of old and new hip hop, R&B, and reggae with  while we waited to performers to get ready. The merch booth overran with demos, t-shirts, and other merchandise for the artists that performed. The crowd at the show consisted mostly of the usual Coventry suspects with a sprinkling of Ohioans from further reaches coming to see their family and friends open the show.


The first opening acts of the night were Youngstown artists G Huf and Vice Electric. Although their performance was somewhat dated G Huf and Vice Electric had a energized performance over top of a medley of beats with a old school vibe and feel. The next performer was my personal favorite, a regular at the grog shop R the Czar lit up the stage with his uplifting lyrics and powerful message over dynamic compelling beats that magnetized the crowd towards the stage. The following act I’m sad to say was extremely lackluster which makes me feel so torn, the meaning behind Stalley’s tour is to support local artistry, and I want to say something positive about this guy, but I really can’t so we’ll just consider this constructive criticism. Honestly I nor anyone else at the show can’t remember this artists name, he had pretty decent showmanship, yet his wordplay was weak and his subject matter was non existent. Before one of his final songs he pulled a woman on stage that was clearly uncomfortable, he then performed his song while she awkwardly stood and danced on stage. The final opening act got the show back on track, Detroit rapper M.C. city JR took us down the ratchet rabbit hole with songs dedicated to flexing on exes and destroying haters lives.

The main event began very promptly, Stalley took the stage as the intro to The Page rumbled and animated the zealous horde, the bass hit and turned all the way up from there. before continuing with new music from his latest mixtape Saving Yusuf, he took his fans through his catalog, cleverly titled ITM (intelligent trunk music). He did  an awesome recap of all of his most beloved hits while taking time to show sentiment to his fans and explaining the meaning of his tour. On a side note I have to speak on another concert goer that nearly ruined my experience. The middle aged woman next to me was way to drunk and belligerent, she danced wildly and you could feel the anger from the surrounding crowd. Her portion of the show ended with her removing her shirt finally making her friend pay attention and take action.

All of that aside the show finished great, Stalley  brought  Cleveland hip hop celeb Ray Cash to perform their song Came a Long Way. He closed the show with one of his biggest hits Swangin’ and showed the entire crowd how to work the wheel. All in all I had a great time and can’t wait to get to the next show at the grog shop.  If you want to stay on the scene, be sure to check out the Cleveland Scene magazine and make your way to some of the best shows in Ohio.