Earth needs to watch its figure

Recently the twitter world has been ablaze with the ongoing dispute between rapper B.O.B and acclaimed astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson revolving around the flat earth theory that has become popular again among some people. B.O.B along with many other People believe that the secret lies at the poles. The argument is that NASA has security for the borders to control travel and keep people from exploring too far and going over the edge.

Recently this back and forth has come to a head on social media where B.O.B has pressed the theory in a slew of tweets aimed at debunking the notion that the earth is round. Well, round isn’t the word, according to Neil Tyson the Earth is more pear shaped.  I’m so sad to say that this spat eventually escalated into a rap beef wherein B.O.B released Flatline aimed at Tyson using his own speech against him. Soon after the track set the twitter world ablaze Neil Tyson’s nephew issued a retaliation with the diss track Flat to Fact discrediting a person that is again not a astrophysicist in any way shape or form.

I personally wish more for this dispute of theories. This had the potential to become a discussion that could have enlightened many out there in the dark, but the predictable ego got in the way and turned two grown men into children screaming for the last word. One day perhaps these opposing sides can come together and share knowledge to get a better understanding of the world in general (maybe have Bun B and Stephen Hawking mediate?). I for one choose to side with the theory that wasn’t dis proven over 100 years ago but we’re all adults entitled to our own opinion. There’s a lot of lunacy out there waiting to take advantage of our minds so choose wisely.


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