Who Is Skip Anyways?

At my core I am a dreamer, but what drives me is my passion to create. I work in films, and I am building content every day in radio. I produce a podcast on soundcloud.com, and engineer a radio show on northcoastunderground.com. Education is something that matters to me; which is why I have continued my search for knowledge at Ohio Media School. Through my studies I have Advanced my knowledge of audio and video production. Through writing films, acting, crew work, webisodes, film competitions I have made contacts from an array of diverse cultures that have assisted me in attaining position for success.  One of the best aspects of working in radio and film is the people, I have come across some of the most interesting characters that influence my art. My goals as far a film are to create cinematic beauty, I want to also create thought provoking material that will stand the test of time. Outside of working I frequent events at museums, local clubs, and bars. I have a lot of interest in the art that surrounds me here in Cleveland because there is so much that goes unobserved. In a world that seems to always be on the brink of insanity I am driven to create and seek creativity to be exposed to the beauty of the world.


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