Disclaimer :

Before  I begin this post I want to make this disclaimer for this and many of my future posts. What I say now nor in the future is meant to demean or shit on your favorite thing. I know that’s your favorite thing, and you love it with all your heart, but I simply do not care.  Hell I love movies, and like some of these though I’m about to talk about how awful they are.

With that being said 2015 was a tremendous year in film, we saw 4 new films break the top 10 grossing list. This years Oscar nominees included moving films like Selma and American Sniper with Birdman taking best picture.
In the midst of all of these amazing films I had to take a moment and over analyze the status of films in this new era. After some research I must say the film industry is profoundly sad.

First, out of the 20 highest grossing films of all time 18 are from 2000 and beyond, and of those over half are mostly CGI. I don’t know about you, but what that says to me is movies took away the majesty of the beauty of the real world. Now I know there’s no reasonable way to create some of these movies in real life, but that’s not what I am talking about. The old days of movies made on a large outdoor set are over. Everything from a girl walking across a field to a courthouse scene is made with CGI now.

Aside from that the majority of movies that break the box office aren’t even original concepts. Since about 2006 the formula for a winning flick changed from having great ideas and producing unique films to revamping an old movie or franchise and making it sexy. Star Wars, Jurassic World, Transformers, any Batman movie nowadays are all guilty of it. What these films have in common is they take something that already was good and add mystique to it by  taking on an actor to get all our girly parts tingly.


We get ourselves all in a frenzy over Chris Pratt’s face, get together on a Saturday and go see the new Aquaman flick only to forget about it a few weeks later when we hear that Michael B. Jordan’s abs are gonna be in the next Street Fighter.

The old days of movies made on a large outdoor set are over. Everything from a girl walking across a field to a courthouse scene is made with CGI now.

“But what about the Oscars?” you might ask assuredly, “Surely those movies are quite tasteful.” What I have to say to that is those movies are amazing but those are not the movies that we in general pay to see, we hear about those movies after they win awards and watch them on Netflix. In 5 years we won’t remember The Walk or Bone Tomahawk but we will all have little inside jokes from Straight Outta Compton.

“Why!? Why are movies so terrible?” I’ll pet you on you small, quivering head and say they’re not all bad. Most are good, but that simply means the cookie cutter has gotten better. Soon we’ll tire of this system then Hollywood will make a new template and the love/hate cycle will start over again. But as far as why, I blame us; the audience. It’s our ridiculous love of the arts and our over accessibility to the artists has changed the way they develop what we love. While they may take our cries of reason into consideration for Jar Jar Binks, our opinions ultimately don’t matter. Writers and Directors make movies without our input so why do we deserve the privilege to change their vision?


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