How Convenience Has Doomed Us All

wall-e-2-fat-humansLet’s face it; pretty soon everyone will be riding hover chairs through grocery stores and the sensation of human touch will be long forgotten as face time is the pinnacle of human interaction. I know I know, that sounded bleak to me too so I’ll scale it back some and make it nice and easy for you, just how you like it. Before I condemn all modern conveniences I would like to say some aren’t that bad, as a matter of fact most modern technologies are very amazing. Phones have evolved from a luxury item to a necessity and back, televisions have gone from black and white images barely larger than a magnifying glass to 60” behemoths that you can control with your eyes.

my biggest fear is being around when the apple creates the ihuman and they begin to replace us like pod people.

With all that being said, I am absolutely horrified of the possibilities of the future. Besides ending up in the terminator universe, my biggest fear is being around when the Apple creates the iHuman and they begin to replace us like pod people. We now have cell phones that can hear our conversations and suggest foods for us to eat, then it has an app that can order whatever kind of food you like and have it delivered to your front door. That may not seem like much, but all that gets done without any human interaction whatsoever. These days actual interaction has been split among the growing number of devices that we must own, human interaction is becoming scarce now that we can express ourselves in a way online that would cause chaos in real life. Our dependency on these devices is slowly turning us into zombies, barely lifting our heads to acknowledge another person, more intent on gaining followers than knowledge. According to huffington post, 84% of their respondents can’t make it 24 hours without using their phones. This says so much about our technology addiction. Every 6 months there’s a new phone, tablet, computer, whatever being released and the masses line up. Simple activities like walking are being phased into riding hoverboards, segways, or the ever lazy moving walkway.  Soon enough standing will be a thing of the past, we’ll have new hover chairs that makes short distance travel a breeze.

(This guy gets it)

But hey, I could always be wrong. All of these advancements could possibly help advance the human race to levels we could never imagine. Perhaps we are not doomed to a hell of bed sores and atrophied limbs. Hopefully regardless of the future advancements people’s eyes will open and we will master the technology and not let it master us.


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